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Go, from the city where men are saying "Heart is here
dying" meaning "Bring business back into Queen Street,"
talking tough about arteries, of commerce. Meanwhile
radios tell: Northland and Coromandel are exposed
to hostile forces. Later, attack will be mounted on the city.
Come two or three o’clock, rain, gale-force winds
arrive as scheduled.
                               You close the kitchen door
of an almost empty house. Some body moans in her bedroom.
A vein in her foot throbs under burnt skin.
"It’s my nerves," she claims. "Let me sleep. I must go on
              sleeping." Another whispers,
"If I stand, because I shall stand, at a window
not altogether shut, I may look into a fig tree
where the fruits ripen and split,"
gutted by sensitive white-eyed birds.
Ravished, spoiled crops waver and branches twitch.
News summaries report troubles in New York, Pennsylvania
bankrupt, Michigan no longer can afford justice’ expense
or of learning.
                       That was a repeat broadcast.
                                                                                  10. 3. 71
Editor's note
From the City Where Men Are : first publication; marital and suburban angst
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