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           Conscience grew harder to lug around.
Aperahama was a man of influence,
"He would," Maning was to say, "have been
much more if he hadn't been just
a little too crazy"
                            or (others said) not
quite so boringly earnestly Christian
or (others) hadn't sucked Government
so much so often.
                            Aperahama said
goodbye, he shook the dust,
he left for the Wairoa. First
for a shanty over the hill from Mt Wesley's
Methodists, then near aratapu
at Oturei,
               land given by Ngatiwhatua
because of kindness shown them by Muriwai,
his great-uncle.
                        He healed, he spoke cryptically,
he took over as district assessor
in '73; between times, he dug gum.
      He was one of those who founded
the Kotahitanga o Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
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