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R. C. Barstow, Resident Magistrate, Russell:
I know little of Hauhauism, and am not aware that I ever saw a Hauhau, but in disturbed times previously new religions have been invented, as the Papahurihia superstition at Hokianga and Mangonui during Nopera's War, and again the rites of Atua Wera, during Heke's.
E. M. Williams, Resident Magistrate, Waimate, of Hauhauism:
Ngapuhi ridicule the very name, and declare they will never tolerate the system within their district. They compare it to one of a similar character called the "Karakia Ngakahi" (serpent worship) introduced some years ago by Papahurihia, and which for a time engrossed the attention of many among themselves, but which gradually died out, although Papahurihia continues to be respected as a high authority, and his "Atua" often consulted. This man is a ventriloquist, and by throwing his voice induces the belief that their questions are answered by the god they invoke.
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