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HAHUNGA (2) at Pakanae
Repa was present, among other visitors
two Ngatihine men, Kawiti's folk.
One 'is he who killed and scalped
Lieu Phillpotts @ Owhaeawae'.
                                       They exhorted
everybody to go and fight the pakeha
and take back the land, back
to the old ways of the old days,
wipe out the whites. chop'em up. Eat
their eyes.
                                       General uproar,
three fellows on their feet speaking
at the same time, defending
pakeha. It was — weapons flourished,
wild gestures, cries of Werohia Werohia,
sticks clattered together —
quite savage'.
                     The observers,
Maning, Dr Campbell, Mr Motte, John Webster,
then went to breakfast at
Captain Parker's house.
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