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                                                            Te Nakahi dreamt.
                                                            He had strange powers,
                                                            everyone knows that.
                                                            Te Nakahi dreamt
                                                            his wife had strange powers.
                                                            She hauled the hills from
                                                                 east to west with
                                                            a stick, just like that.
                                                            Te Nakahi's dream
                                                            credited his wife:
                                                                 she'd talents of a sorcerer.
                                                            The wife a sorcerer,
                                                            the husband a wonder seer . . .
                                                            what was his name before
                                                                 he was Te Nakahi?
                                                            His wife's name, what was that?
                                                            Te Nakahi was an elder.
                                                            He was living downriver
                                                            from Papahurihia.
                                                                 Keeping it in the family?
                                                            Is this what Gudgeon's story
                                                            wasn't getting round to telling?
                                                            An extended family?
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