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Atua Wero
a misunderstanding                           or some other aspect / role?
                                                       as challenging,
                                                       spearing, stabbing,
                                                       sending out rays as of
                                                       the sun
                                                              — wait on, wasn't
                                                       there talk of "flashes of
                                                       light" signifying?
for wero read Whero                          red, reddish-brown, orange like
                                                       burnt orange?
Atua Whiro
he wouldn't have called                      himself evil, bad fellow!
                                                       but a god of darkness
                                                       'who sings only during
                                                       the night' most darkness
Atua Wera
he settled on                                    burnt,
                                                       heated, hot,
                                                       a god of fire,
                                                       the red god
               of the Second Coming, of the one who was equal
               with christ who was 'a red god, like fire'?
Judi prefers to think of him as sign of fiery return:
'God gave Noah the rainbow sign, No more water,
the fire next time!'
What about metaphor?                      What of hot / fiery as
the God of Wrath?
                                                       Behind Waima
behind Omanaia                                the district's tall point,
Ngapukehaua                                    the tops which are angry
because that's their way.
                                                       A high place most suitable
for a god of wrath.
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