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He wasn't one of theirs although possibly
              a connection.
They heard about him, they read about him.
When he landed he called the hill ahead Mount Moriah,
reefs in the bay were Tablets of the New Law.
He was the Maori Moses.
God would, as already, guide them.
Later, when necks of the Egyptians were humbled,
he would return to the landing place
touching the reefs with aaron's rod,
not for blood then in vessels ofwood, and in vessels of
but filling that covenant to give them their land of Canaan
the land of their pilgrimage
wherein they were strangers
and his new revelation would spring from the earth
as sprang from Aaron's rod bud, blossom, and yield of almonds.
      An elderly woman remembered him at Whareongaonga
coming ashore from Rifleman, naming, proclaiming.
"He wore a perfect masher suit and patent leather boots."
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