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Uritaniwha clan and Ngarehauata squabbled,
who was to have Te ahuahu?
Old Haratua brought up his Ngatikawa to help
Ngarehauata, and took command.
Edward Williams arriving to keep the peace
was fired on. By sundown five were dead,
nobody knew how many wounded.
A quiet seething night, fighting to pick up
again at daybreak but by first light came
news, Henry Williams had died, when all
paused. Peace was
                             negotiated by calmer men,
Mohi Tawhai, George Tawiti, Te Awa, Te Kaka,
Marsh Brown and Wi Walker (as Carleton was told,
even if his gravestone says Wi Walker died
two years before this). Aperahama led them
with white flag flying, reading from Scripture,
kneeling and praying before Haratua,
then stomping across to Wi Katene
to read, kneel, and pray.
Twenty-two years back at Te Ahuahu
Aperahama accepted that bullet which rested
like some heavy adjunct of conscience.
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