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A rock duo sets up in the courtyard.
They’re scheduled part of this week’s festive.
Their sound system comes on very loud.
No doubt it would cover any other sounds,
like, as from below.
                                It could be heard
all along the road, certainly as far as
the marae.
                 I try to concentrate on a student’s essay:
Yeats’ philosophy applied to his later poems.
Spirits said they came to bring him metaphors
for poems. I suppose this is true.
It is not true about the essay, not obviously.
. . . .
Along the road they build the marae.
More than once we’ve been cut off, "Because of the marae."
Perhaps, ceremonial. Perhaps, constructive.
On Monday, it was our water again.
This is Wednesday.
. . . .
In our comparatively new sub-
Faculty building which complicatedly relates
Arts (including political Studies) to Commerce
         (including Management Studies)
we are troubled
from below. Sometimes our air conditioning,
sometimes our water. Latterly, our water,
which recurs. Critically, these are below
and mysterious. All things are a flowing,
sage Heraclitus said. What’s water
but the generated soul?
. . . .
If what went wrong was along the road
why do craftsmen frequent our courtyard,
maintenance men with gadgets / emblems
of their guild? What have they come to bring us?
Divinations? Diagnoses?
. . . .
Our (common) courtyard is at Level Three
above the datum line One which, at road level,
coincides with the marae.
                                        Level Three is
where – Augustine, Tertullian, certainly
Dante, taught – you read for allegoric
along with moral significances. Where
does one become other? conjoint.
. . . .
Perhaps I should tell you, we are placed
between two roads. One road is four levels
above the other road.
Both are literally historic problems,
and (may be) anagogical.
. . . .
They open access points.
They test, connect, plummet, check again.
Communicate, an incomprehensible language.
Descend. emerge. At times
they open up
their ghetto blaster fullbore, then ponder
some tangled state below.
fellow of their mystery, is momently at
his / their mutual task.
                                    We ask "What
can it be?" from office to office.
. . . .
Suppose – I assume you are one of those
people who can suppose – you were an anciently
respectable roman doing all those whatevers
ancient Romans did. How much were you
likely to know what went on in
catacombs, things which not so respectable not
(in local terms) Romans were up to or more
precisely down at?
                              These were parts of
their mysteries, like on this rock.
. . . .
Didn’t Tertullian maintain ‘Individuum
non est possibile’?
                                                                                10. 5. 85
Editor's note
Supposes : first published in Are You Going to the Pictures?; the setting is the University of Auckland campus; Yeats’ philosophy: as expressed in A Vision (1925), an occult and historical study whose symbolism informs much of his later poetry; All things are a flowing …Heraclitus, Greek philosopher, as quoted by W.B. Yeats; between two roads : the Arts and Commerce complex is located between Symonds Street and Wynyard Street, Auckland; Third level : in scriptural exegesis the four levels of interpretation were: literal, allegorical, tropological (moral) and anagogical (spiritual); Augustine : (354-430), author of Confessions and other religious and philosophical writings; Tertullian: (c. 160-c.220), Carthaginian theologian, known as ‘Father of Latin theology’; Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), Italian poet, author of The Divine Comedy ; KS plays on the analogy between architectural and allegorical levels; ‘Individuum non est possibile’ : ‘an indivisible particle is not possible’, precis of a passage by Thomas Aquinus in the Summa Theologica. (written 1266-73)
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