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on that plane
     you want to eat/drink,
                                        you eat/drink
     you want to sleep,
                                  you try to sleep/do sleep
     you want to
                                  you try to
depending on  the queue
shit, there’s more to it/no more to it/ must be more to it
                                  than that
on this flight
                     which (Auckland-Nadi-Honolulu-
     Los Angeles) experiences turbulence
            Auckland and Nadi, Nadi and Honolulu and
            Los Angeles while showing in one section of the
            economy class Breaker Morant(Nadi-Honolulu)
                                                               and showing in the
     forward section of the economy class between
     Honolulu and LA Breaker Morant so you
                                  do not surrender
you submit
                  but you do not accept
                                                    a headset
                  agree to draw the windowblind(s)
     try to ignore the film(s) while
full angular frontal or
     very distorted to your left without
         sound you take part in
              screenings of Breaker Morant
passing across the (Pacific) ocean
    with some degree of turbulence so
eventually you get to Toronto,
              it’s festival time, they ask you
              Have you seen Gallipoli?
Editor's note
Travelling to LA: first published in Are You Going to the Pictures? (1987); Breaker Morant(1980), Australian film about the Boer War directed by Bruce Beresford; Gallipoli (1981) Australian film about World War I, directed by Peter Weir
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